Rumours about me
Name Mr. Donciu-Julin, Alexandre, Alex, 'Nathanael' or 'Nath', whatever you like!

Age I'm a 1984 kid, that makes me years old. But like red wine, I get better with time!

Position At the moment, I am employed as a 3D animator and mocap director at Mimic Productions in Berlin, Germany. Hey, maybe soon working for you! I love my job, but I'm open to any opportunities to boost my skills amongst talented artists on great projects.

Graduated I have a master of science in digital signal and picture processing - Polytech'Orléans, 2008.
Big words to say that I can quickly tame any new tool and find tricky solutions to any problem.

The film that changed my life "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride".
I remember standing up and shouting "THIS IS WHAT I WANNA DO!"
...and getting shushed, because you don't yell at the cinema! :)

Favourite Movies The PIXARS, which are masterpieces to me and a true goal to aim for in my animator's life. I put Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Sony Pictures Animation and Disney movies in the same basket, not forgeting all the talented European studios and the wonderful stories they give life to. YES, you hear me Mr. Hollywood! Otherwise, I have my classics: Die Hard, The Blues Brothers, Back to the future, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Amélie Poulain, Psycho, Sin City and many more!

Favourite Games I have been playing video games since I got my first console and started jumping on mushrooms. As a 3D artist, I try to play as often as possible and test different styles. I mostly like 3rd-person adventures and infiltration games like the Tomb Raider, Hitman or Metal Gear series, some co-op FPS with friends like Left4Dead, Killing Floor or Payday. But above all, I am a huge fan of point&click adventures like Gray Matter, Broken Sword, The Book of Unwritten Tales and of course the good ol' LUCASARTS...
Harrr, you'll be wearing soon my sword like a shish kebab!

Favourite Books There is always a book in my bag, usually a fantasy story: Dickens, Eliade, King, Tolkien, Poe or one of the Harry Potter books I'm reading again and again. I'm also found of whodunits (A. Christie, J.C. Grangé), and a big fan of time travel and no-exit themes.

Inspiration Sources Pixar, Disney or Tex Avery for animation. Hitchcock, Tarentino, Fincher, Nolan or Jeunet for the crazy atmosphere.

Goal in life I am a humble person, who focuses on the little things in life that really matter: My amazing and loving wife, my little champ full of life and energy, an interesting and challenging job and enough money to fill up the fridge and visit the family from time to time!

I hope I will always feel this creative thirst, which keeps me improving my work, learn more skills and explore new horizons. I wish I'll have the opportunity one day to pass along this knowledge, teach young artists everything I learned in the field and say cheesy things like "When I was your age, Animation wasn't that simple... You had to put keys in the timeline to make your character move!".

Anyway, let's just say for now that I am patient and that hard work does not scare me ;)